Diversity at Ash Creek ForestryAsh Creek is a restoration industry leader in promoting gender and ethnic equality within and beyond our organization. From our Employee Handbook:

Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC demonstrates its commitment to diversity through its employment practices and through the way it transacts business with others within and outside of our community.

Diversity means respecting and valuing differences, such as those based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, language, race and socio-economic status, as well as, respecting each individual’s right to privacy in areas such as religious faith, political beliefs and sexual orientation.

Diversity, and the respect and understanding of the integrity and worth of other cultures, people and lifestyles is, today and will continue to be, simply good business.

We are taking on the challenge of building a truly integrated workforce.  We provide regular diversity training and staff support that enables women, minorities and all employees to thrive and work effectively together.  We make specific efforts to ensure that women and minorities are represented in every work group.

Our Anti-harassment Policy ensures a safe, supportive work environment for all staff:We are the only large-scale, Metro-area restoration contractor with full representation of women in crew positions, as well as in crew leadership.  Because most restoration equipment is designed for use by men, we continue to innovate and adapt our restoration techniques and tools to make work safer and better outfitted for women.

As part of its commitment to furthering Equal Employment Opportunity, (Ash Creek) is committed to maintaining an environment free of all forms of discrimination, including harassment. In addition to its prohibition of sexual harassment, the Company also prohibits all behaviors that create a hostile or intimidating atmosphere, because of someone’s age, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, physical handicap, or medical condition.

Ash Creek utilizes MWESB firms whenever possible, spending over a quarter of a million dollars annually on materials and services from MWESB firms.

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