Experience & Knowledge

Since 1997, Ash Creek has designed and implemented projects in northwest Oregon that now are benchmarks of success and the subject of awards, reports and model tours. As a result, Ash Creek is recognized as an industry leader.

In managing over 5,000 acres of diverse habitats throughout northwest Oregon and southwest Washington, Ash Creek has:

  • planted over 4.5 million trees and shrubs
  • collected, purchased and applied thousands of pounds of native plant seed
  • procured and installed hundreds of thousands of herbaceous plant plugs
  • developed and implemented grants and plans for restoration of thousands of acres of important,Pacific Northwest habitats
  • monitored sites and produced reports for agency and private clients

With over 50 years’ combined experience, our staff supports partners and clients in all phases of restoration – from pre-implementation planning and funding acquisition to project management, monitoring and reporting.


We bring proven, best practices to our project design, fiscal management, site preparation and planting, vegetation monitoring and maintenance services.

We specialize in: site evaluation, plant list development, plant identification, plant association and habitat characterization.

Ash Creek has received awards for our work, including:

Tualatin Riverkeepers’ Green Heron Award, for initiative and leadership in conservation;

Division of State Lands’ Wetland Mitigation Project of the Year Award, for bringing best management practices to the successful restoration of an important, 70-acre site;

Washington County Recycling Business Award, for our sustainable business practices.

Our ability to design and implement successful restoration projects is reflected in the level of grant support we’ve received directly and with partners, totaling approximately $3 million.

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