Industry Leaders

Pool PlantingAt Ash Creek we look at the big picture –restoring intact landscapes and watersheds that provide ecosystem services critical to us all.

We are known for our amazing work on challenging sites – restoration projects that provide sustainable sources of clean water and air, shade and habitat for fish and wildlife.

In our work promoting this vision, we have been tagged ‘social entrepreneurs’ – because we engage public, private and non-profit partners in the environmental community to focus on the greater good, not just the bottom line.

Our focus on sustainability means we not only develop projects that thrive over time, but also serve our community – by minimizing our carbon footprint and use of chemicals, recycling and reusing, volunteering in the local community and purchasing in the local economy.

We are continually focused on innovation in all we do – from honing best management practices to building a talented labor force that receives family wages and benefits.

We are now the largest farm-forest contractor in Washington County – with over $1million in payroll annually.

For more about our history and award winning work in the region, take a look at our experience & knowledge.


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