Ash Creek is a local, family-owned business located in downtown Tigard, and we employ and purchase locally.

  • Percent of payroll distributed to counties where we work:  100%
  • Percent of goods and services purchased from locally owned businesses and franchises:  70%

Our purchasing policy directs us to support local businesses, and we seek to buy from vendors within walking distance of our facilities.  Local restaurants, the family-owned office supply store up the street, the saw shop in Banks, our neighborhood print shop, the farm store in Cornelius and many other local businesses recognize us and know us by name, because we buy from them regularly.

ACFM purchasing policy:  Ash Creek supports local businesses.  Whenever possible, we buy locally, with preference for small, family-owned businesses.  Within a cost margin of ten percent, purchasing of any goods or services up to $1,000 for any single purchase may be awarded to the closer small business vendor.


Investment in Ash Creek services will be amplified through the local economy because we work, live and spend here.

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